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GK series dry granulator

1.Principle of Work

It's a novel set of granulating equipment which can turn powder materials directly into granules or pellets by making use of the water of crystallization in the materials . It has a rational structure and can perform satisfactorily. Besides,it's easy to clean and repair. The finished product by this set of equipment can be pellets , medicine to be taken after being mixed with water , filling granules for capsules and so on. It's widely used in pharmaceutical industry , foodstuff industry, chemical industry and so on. It's especially suitable for granulating those materials which cannot be granulated by using wet method.

GK series roller granulator

2.Scope of application

# Pharmacy: grains for pressed pill, and for capsule filling grains and etc.

# Food: grains for food manufacturing, for seasoning.

# Plastics: various plastics shaping grains.

# Chemical: catalyst, color, detergent and other grains.



# The granules made by this set of equipment has an even density, a good solubility and a high producing capacity .

# Specially designed feeding device is used to cool the rollers in order to make sure there's no materials sticking on the rollers .

# A water circulating system is used to cool the rollers . So no materials will be sticking on the rollers.

# Dry powder materials can be granulated directly without adding any mois ture such as water or ethyl alcohol. Besides,it needn't a secondary drying process.Sowith simple working procedure and low production cost, it can achieve high working efficiency.

# An advanced electric hydraulic system is used , which is easy to operate. So highly automation can be achieved.

# The whole operation is enclosed without dust pollution , which can meet the hygiene requirement for medicine production.

# It's especially suitable for granulating those materials which cannot be granulated by using the wet method.


4.Technical Parameters

Producing Capacity(Kg/h)
Flopper Volume(L)
Roller dimension(D〜W)
Pre-Press Pressure(Mpa)
Roller rotating speed(rpm)
Feeding speed(Kg/h)
Drive motor for roller(Kw)
Drive motor for feeding(Kw)
Drive motor for granulation (Kw)
Drive motor for lube pump (Kw)
Method to adjust Roller rotating speed and feeding speed
200 〜 80
Magnetic velocity adjustment
200 〜 120
Magnetic velocity adjustment



A. Petrochemical industry B. Fine chemical industry C. Pharmaceutical industry D. Foodstuff industry

E. Biochemical industry F. Agricultural chemical industry G. Fertilizer industry H. Mining chemical industry

I. Iron and steel industry J. Coal industry



6.Typical materials

Fill grain for capsule , pigment , detergent , catalyst , strontium carbonate , chemical fertilizer , silica aerogel , inorganic salt grain , calcium hypochlorite , pesticides , cyanuric acid , sodium dichloro-isocyanvrate , trichloroisocyanuric acid , oxide , zinc oxide , lead(ll) oxide , potassium uitrate , potassium sultate , potassium carbonate , sodium hexafluoroaluminate , C9H10N5O2C1 , calcium biphosphate , foodstuff , fertilizer , feed , additives for plastics , chemical medicine , cosmetic ,synthetic detergent , titanium dioxide , coal powder , urea formaldehyde moulding powder , melamine moulding powder , white carbon black , sodium tripolyhosphate , decanoic acid , dolomite fines ,magnesium carbonate , antimony dioxide , barium carbonate and many other chemical and pharmaceutical materials.

Powder materials which need to be recovered: A. Dust in iron casting plants B. Lead dust C. Zinc dust D. Aluminum dust E. Filtered dust F. Dust caused by grinding.



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