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Model YP-5 hydraulic pressure tablet machine

1.Principle of Work

Dry powder materials are feed from the top of the tablet machine into the feed inlet through plastic flexible tube.Then after being compressed by the up per and lower die heads,the dry powder materials will turn into tablets of required size .Dies of different sizes can be made to order according to different requirements.

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1. Dry? powder materials? are? compressed by? hydraulic system without destroying? the chemical components? of? the materials. So the? effective contents of the product will not be reduced.

2.The whole process is enclosed without impurity content mixed into. So this machine can produce products of? high? purity? without polluting the environments.

3.Operation automation is achieved in this process . So it's fit for large-scale production.

4.All the parts contacting? materials? are made of? stainless steel or titanium alloys which can achieve good antiseptic function.

5.This? machine? is? suitable for the sheeting of? different powder materials . According? to? different? requirements, we offer different designs and sample experiments.

6.We chan offer whole set unit of drying and granulation, base for your request, you can buy singleness machine drying part , granutation part and fittings and so on.



This? machine? is especially? suitable? for? the sheeting ofchemica powder? materials such as:sodium dichlorisocyanurate,trichlorois ocyanuric acid,TCCA,BCDMH andso on.


4.Technical Parameters

Weight of tablet(g) Frequency(time/min) Number of tablet per time Capacity(Kg/h)
10 8 12 57.6
20 8 12 115.2
30 8 8 115.2
100 8 1 48
200 8 1 96

5.Current Users

1.Wuxi Connect Meihua Chemical Co., Ltd.

2.Chengdu QiDa Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

3.Nanhai Chantai Animal Pharmacy (FoShan)Co., Ltd.

4.HeBei YaGuang Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd.

5.LongKou KeDa Chemical Co., Ltd.

6.YanCheng City Huaou industry Co., Ltd.


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