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Pneumatic dryer series


Pneumatic drying is also called momentary drying. Which is in use in pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry since 1960s.At the beginning of the foundation of our factory, we began to study the advanced technology both at home and abroad so as to provide complete sets of pneumatic drying equipment with high quality and low price to pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry, etc. After so many years of practice and improving, we have developed for series:

Q series of basic type, QS series of fan and distributor type, FG series of tail air circle type, JG series of reinforcing type.


For pneumatic dryer, the drying capacity is high and the investment of the whole set of equipment can be saving. With the largest drying amount and the moisture evaporating capacity of 50kg/h-150kg/h,the equipment is superior to any other drying equipment in volume and economical investment.

With the drying process high automatized, the quality of the product is quite good. As all the material is dried inside the pipes, and the time for drying is very short (only0.5-2seconds) the automation of the operation is realized. Without contact with outer environment, the product faces little pollution and the quality can be quite good.

The equipment will be supplied in complete set and heat source can be chosen freely. For example, the basis type of pneumatic dryer equipment is made up of air filter, heater,feeder,drying pipes, fans and cyclone separator. Customers can add dust extractor or other auxiliary devices according to diff-erent requirements.

On the choice of heating way, pneumatic dryer has a good adaptability, Customers can choose steam , electricity or blast furnace to heat in accordance with different conditions . Or you may make a choice according to the temperature the material can resist(or the temperature of hot air)If it's 150 , you may choose steam to heat. If it's 200 ,electricity(or steam mainly and electricity as supplement or hot oil)may be good choice. If it's 300 , you may choose coal blast furnace . If it's 600 , oil blast furnace will be good choice.

3.FG series positive and negative two grade air stream dryer

FG series positive and negative two grade air stream dryer


The working principle for FG series pneumatic dryer is to divide the drying procers into two steps. Materials will carry the first-grade positive pressure drying process by using the tail air from the second grade drying and hot air sa supplement. The used air with high temperature and low moisture content will be exhausted. After that, the semi-finished product will be dried in the second-grade negative pressure drying by using fresh hot air. The final product will be measured and packaged at last. And the tail air in this grade can be used again in the first grade of drying. So as to form a good cycling drying system. The amount of the fresh air to be added into the second grade can be adjusted freely. So the dryer has a wide adaptability.

2.Technical parameter

Model moisture to be evaporated (Kg.h) power(Kw) area to occupied (m2) efficiency(%)
FG0.25 113 11 3.5*2.5 >70
FG0.5 225 18.5 7*5 >70
FG0.9 450 30 7*6.5 >70
FG1.5 675 50 8*7 >70
FG2.0 900 75 11*7 >70
FG2.5 1125 90 12*8 >70
FG3.0 1150 110 14*10 >70
FG3.5 1491 110 14*10 >70



4.QG series pneumatic dryer  

QG series Pneumatic dryer



This type of pneumatic dryer is equipped with fans that are of the function of dispersing. So it's suitable for drying heat sensitive materials especially. The fan impellers rotating at a high speed will smash the humid or even blocked materials until they are dispersed. And while dispersing, the materials are stirred, and mixed and then flow with the hot air. This type are especially suitable for drying those blocked materials which still contain moisture on the surface. The content ofmoisture can reach up to 40%. If the amount of the materials to be treated is quite large or the moisture content of final product should be less than 15%, a second grade of drying may be needed. If the moisture is between 40% and 60%, the feeding of materials may be difficult. So a mixer is necessary to be adapted in order to reduce the moisture by mixing. In that case, the output will drop greatly. The whole process may be less economic. Therefore, the machinery method(centrifugal dehydrating or pressing) will be advised to reduce the content of moisture so as to make the drying process carried out smoothly.

B.Technical parameter

Model moisture to be evaporated (Kg/h) power(Kw) area to occupied (m2) height(M
QG 50 50 7 20 14
QG 100 100 13 32 14
QG 200* 200 21 40 15
QG 250 250 24 64 15
QG 500 500 43 96 18
QG 1000* 1000 100 120 18
QG 1500* 1500 150 200 20

5.JG series pneumatic dryer  

JG series Pneumatic dryer


Pneumatic dryer can quickly remove moisture from raw materials which are in the form of granule or powder and easy to dehydrate. In this type of drying procers, the materials only stay in the pipes for a short time, so the high quality of the product can be ensured. This JG series of reinforcing type is developed on the basis of the basic type by adding a reinforced device with variable speed drive. After being fed from the screw feeder to the reinforced device, the humid material will be mixed fully with hot air flow and then smashed into granules by the rotating blades. After that the granules will be absorbed by the air force into the drying pipes where they will be uniformly dried further. The humid granules that are too heavy to be absorbed into pipes will be smashed and dried again and at last enter the drying pipes.

b.Technical parameter

Model moisture to be evaporated (Kg/h) power(Kw) area to occupied (m2) height(M
JG 50 50 10 20 9
JG 100 100 20 32 11
JG 200* 200 31 40 11
JG 250 250 32 64 13
JG 500 500 54 96 13
JG 1000* 1000 135 120 15
JG 1500* 1500 175 200 16



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