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WH series double screw conical mixer



The principle of this machine is the compound movements of the materials in the cone caused by the rotation and revolution of the screw.There are four type of movements:

1.The revolution of the screw along the inner wall causes the materials produce circumferential movement along the wall.

2.The rotation of the screw causes the materials go up from the bottom of the screw spirally.

3.The rotation and revolution of the screw causes part of the materials absorbed to the cylindroid of the screw.Meanwhile under the action of the centrifugal force, part of the materials in the screw cylindroid are discharged radially.

4. The materials gong up drops under the action of the gravity.These four types of movements causes the materials convection,shearing and diffusion inside the cone.Thus quick and uniform mixing can be achieved.


This model of machine can be equipped with single screw,double screw or triscrew according to different requirements.

Blades and spraying device can be added to meet the requirements of specialtech nology.

There are three types of discharge valves for users to choose one manual valve, compressed-air type valve and electric valve.

The power of the motor can be enlarged for special material (strengthened type)


This type of mixer is suitable for the mixing,reaction,drying,cooling of powders(solid-solid),powder and liquid (solid-solid),liquids(liquid-liquid)in chemical industry,pharmaceutical industry,pesticide industry,dyestuff industry,oil industry,metallurgy industry,construction material and so on.

4,Technical Parameter

Type WH-0.05 WH-0.1 WH-0.3 WH-0.5 WH-1 WH-2 WH-3 WH-4
Mixing amount for once Kg 20-30 40-60 120-180 200-300 400-600 800-1200 1200-1800 1600-2400
PowerKw 1.1 1.5 2.75 3 4 5.5 7.5 11
WeightKg 200 280 550 600 1200 1500 2000 3000
Type WH-6 WH-8 WH-10 WH-12 WH-15 WH-20 WH-25 WH-30
Mixing amount for once Kg 2400-3600 3200-4800 4000-6000 4800-7200 6000-9000 8000-12000 10000-15000 12000-18000
PowerKw 15 18.5 18.5 22 30 37 37 45
WeightKg 4000 5000 5500 6000 6600 7000 7800 8500



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