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JRF series coal combustion hot air fumace



Convenient in operation and low in labor strength.

The equipment is compact in structure and covers small area.

Using imported combustor,its combustion is full without environ mental.


The fuel is burnt at first box and the high temperature is produced.The quantity of heat will conduct to air to be heated through heat exchange device.Through heat exchange,the temperature of air is dropped to less than 250 and the air will be discharged.The air to be heated is sent to hot air furnace through distribution blow fan.After absorbed heat to the rate value ,the air will be sent from the vent of hot air .When the temperature of hot air reaches the rated upper limit,the burner can stop or turn to small fire automatically .When the temperature of hot air drops to the rated low limit, the burner can burn or turn to big fire automatically.

3,For example

Metal surface covering or coating


Grain processing


Wood processing

Textile,printing and dyeing

Chemical products


High temperature solidification after plastic spray or paint spray

Drying the herbal medicine material of traditional Chinese medicine

Drying the grain and starch

Cake baking,convenient noodle,fine dried noodle drying,transmission belt

Type baking machine wood drying,fibre plate and compound plate drying

Printing drying,heat shaping,hot air widening

Drying the chemical raw materials

Channel type baking room

4,Technical parameter


Combustion device type

oil combustion(Kg/h) Heat supply capacity (KCal/h) Overall dimension L*W*H(mm) Hotair hole L*W(mm) Total weight(Kg)
RLY1 QYC5 1.3-1.6 1 1000*1000*1000 D200


RLY4 QYC5 5-6.5 4 1700*1000*1600 140*160


RLY10 Y1 13-16 10 2100*1300*1000 180*200 1970
RLY20 YL3 26-32 20 2800*1400*1700 200*250 2260
RLY30 YL3 39-48 30 3400*1500*1800 250*300 3160
RLY40 YL3 52-46 40 4020*1700*1900 300*400 4750
RLY60 YL7 78-96 60 4800*1900*2100 400*500 5650
RLY100 YL8 130-160 100 5400*2100*2300 550*650 6550
RLY200 YB10 260-320 200 6000*2500*2400 750*900 7980
RLY360 YB10 468-720 360 7200*2900*2600 900*1200 9860



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